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Comprehensive Career Planning and Coaching

Are you seeking a summer job, internship or career direction? Do you have actual job offers and need help choosing? Maybe you just want  a resume refresh and interview coaching. We can help. We coach and counsel our young adult clients, ages 14-30, helping them identify their key strengths and accomplishments while demystifying the job search process. We offer advice on professionalism, and we provide insight on the basic hard and soft skills that will make you a success in the workplace.

Our Map to Success

We’ll review your work history, education, strengths, accomplishments, problem areas, skills, values, motivations and goals. We also offer aptitude assessments and career analysis. Armed with these tools, together we can explore and examine internship and career possibilities based on experience and communication style. We'll even help assess regional career and living options and whether graduate school should be part of your plan.

About Us

We coach students and young professionals as they pursue internships, summer jobs, enter or change professions,and have successes and failures with their team and their boss. If you want to try out an internship or career path, explore graduate school, pick a new career because you are bored or unhappy or hate your boss, or you love your current job and want to take it to the next level, call us today. 


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